How to Have a Biblical World View: When Christians Confuse Biblical and Secular views

The term Biblical Worldview is being spoken a lot nowadays around Christian leadership. I personally had not heard of the term until a couple years ago. But what does Biblical Worldview mean?

I think many Christians who aren’t in ministry may have not heard the term. According to an article in Focus on the Family by Del Tackett, a Biblical (or Christian) Worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. When you believe the Bible is entirely true, then you allow it to be the foundation of everything you say and do.

And just because you may have not heard the term, “Biblical Worldview” does not mean you aren’t a Christian, it just means maybe you have not gone to Bible college or read books by Christian leaders / authors where it has been mentioned.

Some things that people, even believers say or do that are not a Biblical worldview:

1. The Universe said, did, is telling me, etc. I get tired of hearing this one from people who say they believe in God because if you believe God created the universe, then the universe does not control things, God does. So if you are a Christian, please recognize that God talks to you, has control, etc and the Universe does not! (See Hebrews 11:3)

2.I respect other people who have their own gods, even if it’s Allah, Buddha, etc. At least they believe in God. This is False! If you are a Christian, you should know we only believe there is 1 God and he isn’t Allah or Buddha. Now we do believe God is 3 in one, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but Buddha and Allah are different religions, not Christianity. The Bible says to have no other gods, which means if you believe it’s ok that other people have other gods, then you aren’t following Christianity. (See Mark 12:32)

3. The Zodiac Signs / horoscopes are ok for Christians to believe in. False again, horoscopes/ Zodiac signs believe again that the universe (not God) is in control. Zodiac signs stem from Ancient Greece and a mathematician / astronomer . While when you are born and the definitions of each zodiac sign are based off of locations of stars during those months, believing or reading your horoscope is not true. It’s made up, and believing in it means you are having faith in something other than God.

4. Believing Jesus wasn’t God. This one is tricky because there are some people who share the same culture of Jesus (Jews) who believe in the one true God, but don’t believe Jesus was God. But if you say you are a Christian than you should believe Jesus was God, why else claim to be a follower of Christ? (John 8:58)

5. Believing that all people will go to heaven (universalism). Many people now a days are choosing to believe in universalism because it helps them feel better for those people who do not know Jesus. It hurts people to think that some will live in hell for eternity. Or some even go as far to say there is no hell. So it’s easier to think that all people regardless of what they have done or what they know or don’t know, won’t hurt them. I feel like it would be better if people just not proclaim to be Christian if they believe in universalism because this is a false doctrine. I think if universalism were true, there would be no point to some of the encounters Jesus had in the Bible, like that of the Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-29).

6. Doing Yoga. Now I had a little difficult time with this one at first because I enjoy exercising and doing physical activities to help me relax. I would sometimes take a class at a church called “Holy Yoga” which is a Christian alternative and turned yoga in a form of worshiping God. But I took a regular yoga class at the gym once. And it turned into doing some things that would show to worshipping self or becoming enlightened and also modern yoga takes a stance of a form of multiple gods. Yoga couldn’t claim to only believe there is one God or else it couldn’t be used by many people of different religions. Also yoga often looks to finding peace from within and if we claim to do that then it goes against our beliefs as a Christian that peace comes from God. (John 14:27)

I have listed off several things that I believe Christians confuse with Christianity. Now I’m going to state the one thing you can do to know all the things that Christians truly believe. Read the entire Bible, the one Holy Bible, and not any other religious book that claims to coincide with the Bible. Read the Bible completely through, not bits and pieces or not parts of a devotional.

The Bible will tell you everything a Christian believes and what it truly means to have a Biblical worldview. The best time to begin a Bible reading plan is coming up soon, January 1st. YouVersion offers some great Bible reading plans. And if you think it’s too much to do in a year, then look for ones that take 18 months to 3 years.

I read the Bible all the way through but in chronological order. That was a very interesting way to read it because in places like the life of David, I would read about something that David experienced and then I’d read the corresponding Psalm he wrote about the event.

While reading the Bible is I believe the most important thing, a second thing would be is to find a church that says they have a Biblical worldview. If the church claims to have it, then more than likely they are a Bible believing church.

I pray that if you didn’t have a strong Biblical worldview before or understanding of it, that your knowledge will grow and in turn your faith will grow as well.

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