I’m sad to see another Christ Centered Business close its’ doors

I came across Kingdom Grower’s coffee when my husband and I were at a Mardel’s store in Dallas a little over a year ago. I saw the different flavored coffees on a shelf and noticed they were located in Forney, TX. I loved their mission to support coffee growers and share the Gospel. But I received an email from them yesterday stating they had gone out of business 😞

Over the past couple years, I’ve become intentional about supporting Faith based businesses. Many corporations give to causes that I don’t support or that go against the Word of God. So I have been actively looking for Christ-centered businesses.

Here is a list of some of the Christian businesses I support by purchasing goods and services or donating to them:

1. Mardel Christian and Education

2. Hobby Lobby

3. Chick Fil A

4. In N Out

5. Revelation Wellness

6. Love in Faith

7. Adelfi Credit Union

8. Compassion International

9. Christian Book

Are there Christian businesses that you regularly support? Do you happen to know of a Christian coffee producer? If so, please comment below with the name of the business. I’m always looking for other Christian businesses!

Thank you.

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