Did You Give Up Something For Lent?

If you’re like me and was raised in a Protestant or Catholic Church, then you know what it means to give up something for Lent, (the 40s days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday). This 40 days represents the time Jesus fasted and prayed in the wilderness, see Matthew 4:1-3.

A few days before Ash Wednesday, I unlocked my smartphone, and a web article came up, which listed 10 things to give up for Lent. Before I opened the article, it came to my mind that I need to give up social media. Not that Social Media is bad or that I use it for bad things, but rather so I could use that time to spend more time reading the Bible, reflecting and praying to God.

You see, during Lent, we often focus so much on what we are giving up, but we forget to recognize the reason we are sacrificing it. We think we are doing it just to avoid that behavior or to take sin out of our life. But maybe that behavior isn’t sinful, it just takes time away from God. Jesus went into the wilderness to spend time with His heavenly Father.

After having been off of social media for a week and a half, I looked at my screen time last week and compared it to the week before and the apps that were at the top. The Bible app is now listed at the top instead of the social media apps. As I have reflected on how I was using my time on social media, I realized, it’s not “bad time”. I used social media to share the Gospel, pray for others and connect with friends and family. I also am encouraged, ministered to and motivated by others. But if I didn’t take this break, I wouldn’t have known these things.

If you aren’t doing so already, I challenge you to look for ways to spend more time with God in studying the Bible and in prayer and reflection. Decide first in how much more time you want to spend with God, and then look at what you can do to take something out of your schedule.

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