How to get Fit after the Thanksgiving Feast!

My Thanksgiving hasn’t looked like others before. We decided to complete our kitchen remodel over Thanksgiving break since my husband had the week off from work. So we postponed Thanksgiving to Saturday and instead, my kids were invited to their friends’ houses and my husband and I ate at Cracker Barrel.

My eating habits over the past few days have not been that great either (also due to the kitchen remodel). We have been eating sandwiches and chips for lunch and grabbing fast food for dinner. But I did notice one thing when I ate the dinner meal at Cracker Barrel, that I couldn’t finish everything on my plate. This has been happening more frequently over the past few months. I believe my stomach has shrunk!

Our stomachs can stretch and therefore when the more we eat, the more it takes to feel full. If you begin eating less, then over time, your stomach will begin to shrink. I never really liked the full feeling, to the point of a stomach ache. I tend to eat slow (also helps in weight-loss) and I notice when I start feeling full. So then I know to stop, or else I’ll feel awful afterward.

If you overindulged on Thanksgiving, then you can work towards controlling your calorie intake by the next big feast at Christmas! To curb the habit of overeating, I recommend doing the 10 day or 40 day detox by The Daniel Plan. I usually suggest The Daniel Plan in January when everyone wants to make diet resolutions, but this is a good way to get a head start on those healthy eating goals. I did the 10 day detox back in September and I believe that is what helped me to prevent overeating during these chaotic few weeks.

The detox is not a cleanse. When people hear the word detox, they think cleanse, and then go into how our kidneys / liver already cleanse our body, and we don’t need to do a cleanse. But this is not a cleanse to rid your body of toxins. Rather, think of the word detox as used by those going through a detox from alcohol or drugs.

In this case, the detox is turning off our body’s cravings of unhealthy foods such as foods with high fat and sugars. It’s also resetting our bodies to learn to live on less food. Currently if you overeat, your brain has been trained to think that your body needs a lot of calories each day, even if the body is storing it as excess fat. Your brain doesn’t necessarily know that the body is overweight.

But many of your vital organs are feeling the negative effects of overeating. Your pancreas is working harder to process the larger amounts of sugar i, which leads to Type 2 Diabetes. And your heart is working extra hard to pump blood to the organs in order to process the excess sugar and carry the extra weight. The kidneys are feeling the extra workload of having to filter out the extra sugar too, which can lead to kidney failure and going on permanent dialysis.

The health issues above are all preventable, by eating less excess sugar and fat. So in order to eat less, we must train our minds and bodies to do so. And the best way to do that is to reset our bodies. If a doctor has told you that you need to lose some weight, please consider trying The Daniel Plan. I managed to lose 5 pounds in 10 days the last time I did the detox in September.

I encourage you to start now, but I will be having a formal Daniel Plan challenge beginning in January. It will start with the 10 Day Detox and then continue to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by changing eating habits and adding in good amounts of exercise. Let’s Go!

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