You are what you eat!

Have you heard this saying? This famous quote came from the American nutritionist Victor Lindlahr in the 1930s and he meant that what you eat controls the health of your body. I firmly believe this!

Over the past few years, I’ve paid a lot closer to attention to the foods I eat and the impact it has on my body.

Every New Year, I’d like to do a 10-24 day detox and also decide to permanently cut out an unhealthy food or drink that I’d eat regularly. One year I decided to do the 24 day challenge with Advocare. While it did help me lose weight, I had cut back on drinking things that contained artificial sweeteners so I didn’t really care to drink the Spark® drink.

That was the last time I had used Advocare. I strive to look for natural foods. And I don’t mean foods that are grown in a garden and taken to a lab to be mixed with other products. I prefer to find the freshest foods that are the least processed. I haven’t completely cut all processed foods out of my diet; but I’ve cut most out.

When someone tries to sell me a food or powder drink claiming it is organic or natural and then I read the ingredients list and there are at least 2 or more that I don’t understand where they came from, I tend to shy away from it.

Yes, like I said, I do still eat some processed foods. But these are processed foods that I tend to crave and have difficulty giving them up completely (like chocolate and macaroni and cheese). I don’t eat these things everyday and excessive amounts of them.

But if I want to eat something that’s healthy for me, why would I eat something processed? When I feel the need to eat healthy food, I’d rather choose things that are obviously natural and fresh such as spinach, cucumbers, bananas, carrots or sugar snap peas. We know where all these foods come from; they don’t contain high amounts of chemicals, stimulants or things mixed in a lab and they have good nutrients that fuels my body.

I do take a daily multivitamin to make up for the vitamins that I don’t get from foods. My preference would be to get all my daily nutrients from food.

I challenge you to take a look at the foods you are eating and determine if they are healthy fuel for your body. Make a daily food journal for a week. Then you can use a calorie counting app such as MyFitnessPal to determine the nutrient values of the foods.

If you are feeling sluggish or have headaches, body-aches or other ailments, your body may not be getting the nutrients it needs. Another downside to eating unhealthy food is not only gaining weight, but eating those foods also takes up the space of eating healthy nutrients. If you at an ice cream shake for an afternoon snack, you probably don’t feel hungry to eat grilled chicken and a salad for dinner.

I have created a food journal where you can track what you eat for 5 days. Then you can use your calorie counter app and look up the nutrient values and calories.

Download the Food Journal below:

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