The Purpose of the 10 Day Detox

For the beginning of the New Year, I am once again doing the Daniel Plan 10 Day Detox. When I did the detox a few years ago, I didn’t full consider the purpose of it. I thought it would be a way to temporarily revive my body from all the junk food I had eaten from Thanksgiving to New Years. I don’t tend to over indulge, but I do like to eat sweets.

I was rereading the chapter last night about the 10 day detox and it reminded me that in American culture, we eat an excessive amount of sugar! According to the book, in the 1800s, the average person ate about 5 pounds of sugar in a year, or less than 1 gram per day. Now people eat about 152 pounds a year or about 181 grams a day! So back in the 1800s, a person maybe ate 1/14th of a banana per day or 1/4 of an ounce of a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino.

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has also taught us that if we don’t take better care of our bodies, we could be at higher risk of succumbing to a virus, not to mention the more long term diseases of the Heart, Liver or Pancreas.

The detox does not only focus on reducing sugar intake, but also caffeine and dairy. Caffeine can cause irritability and in higher amounts, can lead to heart conditions. Dairy can cause poor digestion and have also been linked to allergies, ear infections and eczema.

For many people in first world countries, food is readily available. Even though 13% of people in America suffer with hunger, about 40% of Americans are considered obese. According to the CDC, Americans who are obese spend on average about $1400 more a year in medical costs than the average person. Being overweight puts stress on the bones, joints and the organs.

I’m on my third day of the Detox and today the cravings have set in for the caffeine and sweets. I went to church this morning, and first thing I saw was someone’s 20 oz coffee. I was serving in our studio and needed to have more focus than usual, but I was feeling a little depleted. After church, I felt very limited in deciding what to eat for lunch. I thought to myself, “not chicken and salad again!”. It’s just easier to get a cheeseburger or pizza!

I’m not overweight, but I’m borderline above average and have also dealt with high cholesterol. I due get a flair up of allergies when certain trees or plants are in season. And according to the Daniel Plan book, excess sugar does not only contribute to our bodies being overweight or Diabetes, but can also cause headaches and brain fog.

Not everyone’s body is the same. One person can eat 2000 calories a day of junk food and yet not seem to have any problems with Diabetes, Cholesterol or headaches. But another person can eat a stricter diet and yet have a slew of health issues.

If you have been struggling with health problems and doctors have only been recommending medications without looking at diet, I suggest for you to find a dietician that will look into the foods that may be contributing to your health. My dad has a natural health doctor that he sees in addition to his medical doctors. The natural health doctor has helped him regulate his diet in order to prevent diabetes and also treat his high cholesterol in order to reduce the amount of medication he needs to take.

I am offering health coaching services for those of you who would like some suggestions and accountability. I know how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy eating plan, especially when the majority of people around us choose to eat whatever they want.

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