And then there’s the Food…..

So I love the exercise part of health. But eating healthy doesn’t come as easily for me. It’s not that I don’t like healthy foods. I actually do really like salads, avocados, apples, bananas and many more vegetables and fruits. It’s that I enjoy a variety of foods, including the unhealthier ones such as pizza, cheeseburgers, cookies and chocolate.

I have tried to compensate my enjoyment of food with exercise, but this doesn’t always work when trying to lose weight. I had a BMI test done at the gym once and it was determined I burn about 1300 calories at rest. So if I didn’t do any exercise during the day, I probably couldn’t eat any sweets that day without expecting to gain a pound or two.

I’ve had to gradually change my eating habits. I used to enjoy 1 Diet soda a day, but learned that the Aspartame wasn’t very healthy, so about 3 years ago, I decided to stop drinking soda. I haven’t had soda since that time and instead drink water or green tea in place of it.

Another think I’ve cut out is milk. Yes, I know, milk isn’t that terrible. But I read that it has a lot of empty calories. So I stopped drinking milk or having cereal, and I’ve noticed a difference in my digestion and no longer have a bloated feeling. I do still eat some milk products such as yogurt, chocolate and cheese, although in moderation.

When I really want to focus on my diet, I use the calorie counter on my FitBit app to monitor my daily intake. This helped me lose a couple pounds and maintain the weight-loss. After I monitored my eating habits for a few weeks, I got a good idea how much I could eat during the day based on my level of activity.

I will soon be adding a page of recipes and meal ideas with calorie counts! Also, you can follow me on Instagram where I like to share recipes and healthy food finds!

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